ana pana | breath meditation //


A timeless practice meant to clear the mind of obstruction. Empower yourself from lasting impressions which no longer serve you. Classes cover various meditation styles, instruction on maintaining a self-practice, benefits and uses. 



0-15:00M                     Intro, use & keypoints
15:00-25:00M               Stretching & pranayama
25:00-35:00M               entry | focusing technique
45:00-55:00M               Ana Pana | breath meditation
55:00-60:00M               gently exit & closing



ana pana | meditation CLASS FOCUS //

    following the breaths unhindered flow when engaging the diaphragm correctly; its ability to take us out of fight or flight / stress response, and its strength in engrossing our conscious minds for meditation. 

  • manage stress:
    in working with the breath we prime the body by using the biofeedback that deep breathing provides. It draws you into the now, and sends a physical message to the body that it can be at ease, that stressors aren't here/now.

  • develop openness:
    helps to create a healthier sense of self and non-self, increases our neuroplasticity and openness to new possibilities and ways of being.

  • Learn proper technique:
    learn the key points of establishing consistency in a self practice; and points on proper posture / breathing techniques.

    i will meet you where you are at in your practice; whether you are a complete novice or long time practitioner.