Enrollment + Eligibility

Asceticism + YOU

Learn how internalized concepts of self can be broken through the timeless practice of asceticism; a systematized and often tactile practice aimed at creating a direct perception of self. These austere practices help chip away at stifling and limiting internal dialogues that dictate the way we perceive self and the world.

While the foundation of this program centers around ascetic principle, its focus is on the whole, emphasizing the importance of both mental and physical health. A typical class regimen includes plyometric exercise, high intensity cardio, maximal/partnered stretching, and meditation. Empower yourself with us, challenging limits in a safe and professionally gilded class.


Enrollee's are all interviewed before being admitted to this class; special care being taken to ensure this class is a proper fit, as well as embodying a spirit and willingness to participate in this rigorous program. Interviewee's are asked to apply via [inquiriesbfc@gmail.com].

Additionally participants are required to make a few general concessions while in this program; these concessions support the direction of the class and enrich personal benefit to the practitioner. Abstinence from intoxicants, healthy eating, and a willingness to contribute to the community environment which we strive to protect.