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Woodworking [getting Started]

My first projects were a parquet table and a pallet platform bed. I did it all with extremely limited tools in my backyard of the time. I loved the result and have been doing this since, slowly getting better at this whole wood work thing, learning lots along the way, and best of all having greater autonomy over my space.

Since these first few projects I have apprenticed, made custom pieces, collaborated with designers and friends, and consulted on interiors.

above: view of pallet bedframe in XIV space, chalk drawing depicting san jiao meridian flow (traditional chinese medicine)

above: in my old apartments back yard; herringbone table in progress.

above: completed parquet herringbone table, made entirely of pallet wood and gas pipe frame.

above: view of my parquet herringbone table when I first moved into XIV space [i removed the bottom part of the frame to bring it to coffee table height 18"].