[Language] Parquet Wall Feature





This piece represents so much to me. Above all it represents one of the few projects I have done for myself from my sketch book. Here I explore the versatility of parquet, beyond flooring to things like tables and now ornamental fixtures/wall panels like this one.

Nearly all materials for this piece were salvaged, including the distressed wood a friend got from a construction site (thanks chad!). The wood was treated in three ways to achieve the contrast I wanted. I used natural mediums to ebonize the left triangles, whitewashed the center and distressed distressed the far right.

I called this piece 'language'. It's about the false dichotomies we create, how we can become slaves to our language, the imagined differences, the this and that, here and there, you and I, day and night etc. I used contrasting patinas, converging and diverging forms, to show that all the pieces do reflect one-another, despite the apparent tension and 'separateness'.