Black Iron Gas Pipe [industrial clothing racks]



USE.01//Gas Pipe -
Clothing + Shoe Rack

I know... black iron gas pipes have infiltrated all things 'industrial', but there's a very good reason. This material is easily accessible, easy to use, has a great aesthetic, and best of all you don't have to be an arc welder to throw together a quick table frame for your projects.. I've seen a lot of really over done wardrobe units with superfluous arms for various uses, but personally I like to air on the side of simplicity. Here are some of the ways I personally like to use gas pipe for custom clothing racks.

The only downside to this material is cost, it's not the cheapest thing to use, even a small project like the larger dolly above has a high material cost. Extra piping and embellishments can drive up this cost and translate as steam punk; which for me is just another reason to keep the design simple.

Black Iron Gas Pipe Table Frame and Table Top




A super simple, two tiered black iron clothing dolly, holds a ton and moves around easily on sturdy castor wheels.





dissembled two tiered clothing dolly ; black iron gas pipe, cut to length, reemed, and assorted fittings. 

semi assembled two tiered clothing dolly; black iron gas pipe, cut/reamed, and fittings