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Anamorphic Parquet Tables [Cont.]

An anamorphic parquet table top on polished industrial copper piped frame; the pattern shows depth through the geometry and contrasted tones on this industrial minimal table. I'm really looking forward to doing other literal 'anamorphic' patterns on a larger scale, to intensify to the effect of 3D depth.

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Renovating a Live/Work Loft [Pt.2]

Earlier on I went into the more horrific details of 'Renovating a live/work loft pt.01' - [READ ABOUT IT HERE]. This time I reveal the work that's been done, the fruit of my labors, and go into some of the styling features I've added in the past few years, restoring one of the last live/work hard lofts in Toronto.

Living Room [Featuring. Indoor Swing Benches]

Folding Semi-Opaque Partition: Constructed out of double corrugated coroplast

Minimal Geometric Wooden Table: Minimal Geometric Parquet Table on sleek steel frame [see more here].

Indoor Swing Benches: Two Indoor swing benches constructed out of beams left in the space.

Ornaments: Distressed antique frames with aged acupuncture charts.

Parquet Wall Features: The large wall leaning panel can be seen [here]; the two on the bathroom hallway can be seen [here].

Kitchen + Dining space


Master Bedroom

[Left] Pallet Platfrom bed; Parquet Headboard / Wall Feature; Two Edison Bulb side lights on retractable arms; [Center] Small work table which folds up when not in use; [Right] Double tiered industrial gas pipe clothing dolly on castor wheels; antique steamer trunk for clothes out of season; Small niche for ornaments.


The walls are also chalk paint, occassionally I pick up the chalk and have a go, as seen below, an illustraition I drew from 'The book of Life' by Rev. Master Jiyu Kennet.

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Minimal Geometric Wooden Table [feat. designer Pablo Muñoz]

A simple minimalist coffee table I made with Pablo Munoz - more of his work [HERE]. I think we were both aiming to create something clean and modern. The geometry of the parquet provides some movement while it's relative-simple construction speak to the minimalism of the design over all.

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Parquet Tables [Herringbone + Anamorphic Pattern]

I've always loved parquet flooring since I was a child. For me it speaks to an lush a luxurious type of flooring, one that you can gleam involves a lot of time and craftsmanship. I began in 2012 with my first Parquet Table top, and have loved the effect