design, woodwork

Anamorphic Parquet Tables [Cont.]

An anamorphic parquet table top on polished industrial copper piped frame; the pattern shows depth through the geometry and contrasted tones on this industrial minimal table. I'm really looking forward to doing other literal 'anamorphic' patterns on a larger scale, to intensify to the effect of 3D depth.

woodwork, design

Minimal Geometric Wooden Table [feat. designer Pablo Muñoz]

A simple minimalist coffee table I made with Pablo Munoz - more of his work [HERE]. I think we were both aiming to create something clean and modern. The geometry of the parquet provides some movement while it's relative-simple construction speak to the minimalism of the design over all.

woodwork, design

Parquet Tables [Herringbone + Anamorphic Pattern]

I've always loved parquet flooring since I was a child. For me it speaks to an lush a luxurious type of flooring, one that you can gleam involves a lot of time and craftsmanship. I began in 2012 with my first Parquet Table top, and have loved the effect