Constructing Minimal Structured Unisex Outfits [3 Recent Pieces + Test Shots]




1. Minimal Structured Two-Piece Outfit [Shorts + Semi-Crop Sweater]


A two piece outfit created out of a heavy structured fabric similar to neoprene, with a more breathable mesh surface. The shorts have a small pleat detail in the front; and the sweater has cotton tubing cuffs and colar with a semi crop to create more linear structure.



2. Heavy Structured Shorts [Knee Length]


Knee length shorts I constructed out of a heavy black fabric, with an overly scrunched waistband. Only shot one short this day, but have made in variety of fabrics replicating the style and cut.



3. Floating Crop Trouser [Elastic Waistband]


Heavy cotton stock fabric with and overly scrunched waistband. The cut is a minimal wide straight leg with a floating crop at the heel.