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Private class //

[all levels welcome]

One-on-one instruction can be an incredible asset to both beginners and advanced practitioners; and can fast track progress. Private instruction is always tailored to the needs of the student, and therefor Class structure will vary.

Group Classes //

[various levels]

Group classes offered at the body holiday weekly. Combining both the physical and mental aspects of yoga and other internal wellness practices - Empower yourself, challenge your limits in a safe and professionally gilded class.



Power Vinyasa Flow
[Intermediate - READ MORE HERE]

A dynamic exploration of Vinyasa Yoga; This class emphasizes breath work throughout the asanas, there is little to no pausing while completing the various 'flows', keeping the heart rate up while simultaneously trying to maintain correct breathing & mindfulness.

YIN RestorATIVE Yoga
[All levels - Read more here]

Based on the subtle principles of Taoism & TCM meridian theory; This practice seeks to remove obstruction in our 'qi' or vital force. Poses are held inactively long periods lending itself to restoring circulation, joint health and overall stress relief. 

Anapana | Meditation
[All Levels - READ MORE here]

A timeless practice meant to clear the mind of obstruction. Empower yourself from lasting impressions which no longer serve you. Classes cover various meditation styles, instruction on maintaining a self-practice, benefits and uses. 

PranaYama | Breath work
[All Levels - read more here]

In working with various traditional breathing techniques of yoga we work towards: deepening the breath, using the diaphragm correctly; managing our stress & stress response, and helps bring more energy into the body.