Concurrently with my three year intensive program in TCM (traditional Chinese medicine/acupuncture) I began woodworking. In 2012 I made my first table, a product I couldn't find anywhere else, that for me spoke to the things I felt have been lost in contemporary furniture design/retailers - a sense of craftsmanship; a human touch; life. From there I set out creating more pieces that I wanted for myself.

Whenever possible I make use of salvaged materials, in part because their age offers them a unique patina (coloration), but also as a statement on consumerism, and the obscene amount of waste that we produce. I incorporate antiquated and natural methods of production, giving a silent nod to woodworkers of the past, to the development of their style and it's contribution to my own. My aesthetic is constantly developing, and slowly out of the hours I spend in this type of work, I see that my point of view is steadily emerging. 

I am currently most excited about interior styling, large installation fixtures, lighting, and will be experimenting with new modalities in 2017.  Please refer to my [commissions page] for more information on pricing for custom furniture pieces.