Cupping therapy //

An ubiquitous and cross-cultural form of alternative medicine, in which local suction is created on the skin. This externally created 'pump' helps mobilize blood flow and promote recovery.

Think of it like an 'inverse-Massage'

Cupping  can framed and thought of as an 'inverse massage' - rather than applying pressure to muscles, it uses gentle pressure to pull them up and outward. 

cupping therapy uses:
for sports injury & pain //

  • Sports Therapy - Gaining mass popularity among high level athletes, to both mitigate painful conditions and promote healing. Cupping helps manage the aches/pains garnered in any rigorous training, mobilizes blood, releases lactic acid, & aids recovery.

  • Promote Healing and Manage Pain - Cupping improves local circulation to the areas it  is applied, in doing so increases blood metabolism and elimination in that area, the result is improvement to painful conditions.

  • Lymphatic Drainage - Promotes and manually pumps the lymphatic system, encouraging elimination and detoxification.

  • Mobilize Blood and Tissue - Cupping creates far more blood profusion than other manual therapies; blood is spread through entire muscle bands in an action called 'moving-cupping' in which suctioned cups are moved alone entire muscle bands.

  • Organ Balancing - Cupping is based on TCM and incorporates use of meridian and acupuncture theory throughout in order to better bring the body into homeostasis / wellbeing.

  • Common Cold - Traditionally cupping has also been used to relieve symptoms associated with common cold such as achy tight traps/neck.