Benefits & Uses of the
microsystems massage //


  • Lymphatic Drainage - Promotes and manually pumps the lymphatic system, encouraging elimination, detoxification and water metabolism.

  • Stress Relief - Helps reduce one of the main precipitating factors of disease, stress and emotional tension.

  • Healthier Complexion - This massage focuses on balancing the body, creating a sense of ease as well as returning circulation and complexion to the face.

  • Skincare Guide - I provide a care package, on what to expect, as well as how to maintain best results.

Microsystems head/Scalp Massage
& acupressure of the 4 limbs //

Working with various Microsystems and acupoints found in the face, hands and feet this massage seeks to affect the overall state of the body and bring on a healthy and fuller complexion. Employing some of the same techniques used in TuiNa but the focus here is to relax and rejuvenate the mind body and spirit.

This massage applies acupressure to the hands, feet, legs, hands, arms, face and the scalp - treating each area as a small microcosm to be cared for; in order to bring healing to the whole person or macrocosm. Acupressure is used to stimulate circulation and treat constitution based on the TCM pattern.