What is Moxibustion? //

This ancient Chinese therapy makes use of 'moxa', a by-product of dried mugwort (latin: Artemisia Argyi). This plant has unique detoxifying properties, and creates a penetrating and calming heat when used.

During a treatment the moxa is applied in a variety of ways depending on the patients constitution; it can be applied 'directly' to the skin using either a balm or in combination with a thin layer of other mediums such as:

  • ginger - infertility, diarrhea, painful joints

  • garlic - abdominal masses, scrofula, boils

  • salt - vomitting, dysentry, abdominal pain

  • fu zi (wild aconite) - premature ejaculation, impotence

as well as other mediums which prevent burns and encourage resolution of specific diseases. Indirect moxa is also used, in which moxa is packed and rolled tightly into cigars, these are then applied at a distance to areas needing stimulation.


  • Increase Blood Flow and Circulation - Moxa has been used classically for centuries as what may be considered original heat therapy; this plants unique qualities disperse a penetrating heat into local tissue, improving long term circulation in the area applied.

  • Fertility - A popular choice for fertility treatments, moxa is often applied for women with specific infertility issues, as well as in conjunction with IVF.

  • Digestive issues - Typical digestive pathologies like constipation, colitis, and cramping can also benefit from this treatment.

  • Pregnancy -  Moxa is also used classically to induce labor (labor induction treatments) and also has application in remedying breech presentation of fetus.