Nutritional Consultation

Trained using Classical Chinese Medicine, I bring insight into the internal climate of your body, how its different systems are functioning and working together, or conversely if they are in dysfunction or sluggish. Using all TCM Diagnostic methods I form this picture and apply it to a nutritional plan tailored to you.

Additionally, I bring forward contemporary biomedical views on nutrition; helping to identify any specific nutritional deficiencies which may be related to any areas of concern - i.e. nutritional deficiencies related to anemia, insomnia, depression, muscle soreness to name a few. 

eastern & Western
Nutritional Guidance

  • Health Assessment -  Full in take and health history; as well as a reviewing of dietary and nutritional habits.
  • Classical TCM diagnosis - I use various diagnostic methods, to create a picture of your internal landscape and asses  overall health.
  • Nutritional Deficiencies - Identify areas of nutritional deficiency and how that relates to your concerns and goals.
  • Nutritional Plan & Journal - I provide clients with a unique plan specific to them, and help monitor

The benefits of this program

  • Tailored to You -  This plan addresses your specific concerns, goals, and can help with other health concerns you may have.
  • Follow Up - An included followup, helps motivate and provide accountability, as well as re-ass any new concerns as you progress.
  • Results - with compliance I am confident I can not only get your body functioning smoother, improve your quality of life, but also help reach any weight goals you may have.

Nutrition can be tricky

I've tried my best to take all the guessing work out for you, provided insightful visual guides which can help bring you to the right food choices - for you. I also go into detail on methods of preparation, portion sizing, timing of meals, healthy etiquette related to eating, and most importantly insights into the areas that YOU should be mindful of moving forward towards your goals.

$190 - Full nutritional Health plan

  • Two Nutritional Consultations
  • One Initial Assessment & Plan (60min)
  • Follow Up Assessment & Plan (30min)
  • Nutritional Package + Guide
  • Email Support & Contact
  • Roadblocks to Your Success (Outline)
  • Visual & Easy to Use Guides
  • Food Journal / Diet Log

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Client Care + other information

A client resource, giving you special direction to maximize the benefits of your treatment and other useful guides.