pranayama | breathing techniques //


In working with various traditional breathing techniques of yoga we work towards: deepening the breath, using the diaphragm properly;  managing our stress & stress response, and help bring more vitality and energy into the body. 



0-15:00M                     Intro, use & keypoints
15:00-25:00M               acupressure & breathing.101
25:00-35:00M               4 pointed breath technique
45:00-55:00M               nadi shodanha | alt nostril
55:00-60:00M               gently exit & closing



pranayama | breath work CLASS FOCUS //

  • relieve stress:
    The first thing to change in a state of 'flight or flight' / stress is the breath, we go from breathing relatively smoothly and deeply, to rapidly and shallow. In pranayama We prime the body using the biofeedback that correct deep breath provides to show the body that it can be at ease, that stressors aren't here/now, this aides us by getting out of the negative feedback loop of combined shallow breathing and emotional stress. 

  • Training reactive mind: 
    These techniques induce a level of controlled* (Read: workable) stress on both the body & mind; this practice teaches us how to relate differently to these physical stress / 'fight or flight' responses, showing us how we can remain calm, and retain or consciousness even in the adversities of our waking life.

  • Deepening the breath:
    In using various pranayama techniques we work towards deepening & restoring the breath and its function - working with the diaphragm and other accessory breathing muscles we bring breathing back into harmony - The result is deeper, smoother breathing and a more relaxed state of being.

  • Learn proper technique:
    learn the key points of establishing consistency in your own self practice; key points on proper posture, various Pranayama / breathing techniques, and some take home resources so you will always have a reference point moving forward in the practice. 

    i will meet you where you are at in your practice; whether you are a complete novice or long time practitioner.