Based on the subtle principles of Taoism & TCM, Acupuncture & meridian theory; This practice seeks to remove obstruction in our 'qi' or vital force. Poses are held inactively long periods lending itself to restoring circulation, joint health and overall stress relief. 



0-5:00M                       PRANAYAMA | breath work
5:00-25:00M                 first three gentle poses
25:00-45:00M               five more static poses
45:00-50:00M               FINAL & PEAK POSE
50:00-60:00M               CORPSE POSE | Shivasana



YIN & Restorative CLASS FOCUS //

  • extremely gentle practice:
    yin classes hold poses pasively for time on the mat; often with the use of supports. 

  • deep muscular relaxation:
    holding the poses for time we slowly become more aware of subtle 'holding', in time we learn to relax completely into the pose. 

  • release fascia & improve joint mobility:
    getting deeper into the poses aids in releasing the fascia as well as joint mobility.

    yin classes are great for managing stress, and cooling to the mind/spirit from a tcm perspective (good for anxiety, insomnia)

  • Restorative:
    working with specific meridians and organs during the practice, we aim to restore health to the whole. 

  • all experience welcome:
    all levels of experience in yoga are welcome.