Group Classes


Group yoga classes offered in the heart of downtown Toronto. Combining both the physical and mental aspects of a traditional yoga practice; a typical class focuses on building strength and makes use of both plyometric and isometric exercises, partnered stretching/assists, meditation and breath work. Empower yourself, challenge your limits in a safe and professionally gilded class.

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$15.00 - drop-in

$70.00 - Seven Class Pass

Private class

[all levels]

One-on-one instruction can be an incredible asset to both beginners and advanced practitioners; and can fast track your progress. Whether you are looking to build confidence in your practice as a beginner, or are an experienced yogi looking to go deeper into the practice. Private instruction is always tailored to the needs of the student, and therefor structure will vary from person to person.

I will always meet you at whatever point you are at in your practice.


$150 - 1 hour

$200 - 1.5 hours

why book private instruction

  • Personalized Queuing - private instruction allows the instructor to focus in on you and provide constructive feed back throughout the practice, you will have my undivided attention as we work through the various poses (assana).
  • Assists / Alignment - receiving assists is one of thee most beneficial aids to any students practice, these hands on or verbal assists can transform your practice and progress you years ahead of what you otherwise would have been able to accomplish.
  • Individualized Structure - you decide the direction of your private class; do you want to focus on the mindfulness aspects of yoga; a difficult pose you would like to work on; an area of tension in your body; breathe work; or a specific style of yoga (i.e. yin, vinyasa, ashtanga).
  • Non-competitive atmostphere - unfortunately a lot of yoga classes can imbue a sense of competition; this competitiveness is not only counter to this internal practice but can act as a barrier for those just entering into yoga. A one on one class is a safe space where this element is non-existant, it's all about you and your practice!

Located @ King/Bathurst
Toronto, Ontario